Nonverbal means of persuasion in the design of pharmaceutical packaging


  • Lesia Hrechukha Черкаський державний технологічний університет, Ukraine
  • Vladyslava Kuzebna



Background. One of the most common ways to stimulate consumer demand by a manufacturer is to manipulate the buyer's desire, both verbally and nonverbally. Thanks to the skillful use of various levers of influence, an appropriate opinion is imposed on a consumer, as the main aim of any manufacturer is to convince the consumer to purchase its goods.  As a part of nonverbal persuasion on pharmaceutical packaging, we consider the semantics of colors, the semantics of images, the shape and size of writing a product name.

Purpose. To underline the means of nonverbal influence pharmaceutical manufacturers use on the packages.

Methods. Analyses of nonverbal elements of the pharmaceutical packaging.

Results. The perception of color depends on the emotional state of a person. This explains the fact that a person, depending on one's emotional state, perceives some colors better and is completely indifferent to others. It is worth emphasizing the fact that the vast majority of pharmaceutical manufacturers use several colors (2 or more) in the design of their packages, but one color is always dominant.  Looking through the medicines on the site it was noticed that most often they turn to red and its variations, blue, green, and white colors. The image also plays an important role in choosing a drug. A customer is more likely to prefer a product with informative packaging than that with an untraced meaning. As for the print, it is selected by a manufacturer oneself. The main thing is that the name of a drug should be "readable" and given in a language that is understandable to an average customer.

Discussion. Understanding the interpretation of nonverbal factors of suggestive influence is important for both manufacturers of pharmaceutical products and their consumers. It helps manufacturers achieve their main task - to sell the product, and a customer is able to choose the one that meets both aesthetic and the other needs. In the future, the study of the specifics of the representativeness of pharmaceutical products opens up wide opportunities for a manufacturer in expanding sales markets. It will help a customer choose a suitable one within many offered. It gives a wide field for further research in this area.